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October 30, 2020 WCC Marketing

Trainer Profile

Trainer Profile
Iris Petersen

As a marketing professional, writer and entrepreneur with a passion for putting the "social" into social media, Iris Petersen loves to share her enthusiasm for design, brand building and digital media with business owners and nonprofits. Her knowledge and experience help them navigate the world of digital marketing and introduces them to new resources and networks.

For the past ten years, Petersen has developed a reputation for presenting ideas and insight on communication, marketing strategies and technology applications to engage an audience in new and innovative ways that are relatable and understandable.

Petersen holds degrees in technical communications and liberal arts, with a focus on graphic design. Her passion for entrepreneurship, learning and the collegiate culture led her to become the social media liaison at the Entrepreneurship Center at Washtenaw Community College. Petersen is the owner of SociZen, and works full-time as a digital marketer.

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