Apprenticeships for Employers

Does your organization need a proven solution to attract and retain talent? Consider creating an apprenticeship. Registered Apprenticeship through WCC can help you recruit, train and retain skilled talent for your organization.

employer apprenticeship process

  1. Employer contacts WCC Office of Apprenticeship to discuss their Apprenticeship needs
  2. WCC Office of Apprenticeship provides information about courses, certificates or degrees that align with the occupations being considered at the company.
  3. WCC will provide introduction to the U.S. Department of Labor and 1-page quick-start form to get started on the registration process.
  1. Employer continues to work with U.S. Department of Labor to finalize the standards:
    • Reviewing and outlining the on-the-job-training (OJT) work skills requirements
    • Finalizing the related technical instruction (RTI) – support provided from WCC
    • Defining the wage scale
    • Selecting and training mentors (a.k.a. Journeyperson)
    • Confirming hiring process for both incumbent (internal) or external candidates
  2. Employer finalizes the required course list (related technical instruction/RTI) with WCC staff.
  3. If employer is paying directly (through a third-party payment setup), process and paperwork will be provided by WCC.
  1. If recruiting an external candidate, employer posts open apprenticeship position on their company careers page, WCC’s Handshake system, the MI Talent Bank, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.
  2. Once an apprentice is hired, they will go through onboarding at place of employment and orientation at WCC.

Benefits of Apprenticeship

  • Creates a stable and reliable pipeline of qualified workers.
  • Increases employee loyalty and retention.
  • Provides training that meets industry standards and unique needs of your organization.
  • Fosters a safer workplace due to safety training.
  • Transfers important knowledge from mentor to apprentice through on-the-job training.

Grant funding may be available to help you offset the costs of tuition or wages. 

For example, WCC can provide up to $1,000.00 of tuition reimbursement to your company per apprentice through the Closing the Skills Gap grant. This grant is for occupations related to the advanced manufacturing industry. We also work closely with Michigan Works Southeast to review other funding sources (e.g. GoingPro Talent Fund, Incumbent Worker Training Fund, etc...)

Schedule an Appointment

Contact the Office of Apprenticeship for help to:

  • Determine if an apprenticeship program can help solve your staffing needs.
  • Understand your talent needs.
  • Align on apprenticeship requirements.

Facts About WCC Apprenticeships

  • WCC has been recognized by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) with a special status of Leader - Leaders of Excellence in Apprenticeship, Development, Education, and Research.
  • WCC has worked with multiple companies, in a variety of industries to define cutomized programs that meet your talent development needs.
  • WCC has created more than 5,000 online courses for United Association (UA) instructors across the country, with 25,000 apprentices enrolled in these courses.
  • Three national trade unions – United Association, Ironworkers and Plasterers and Masons - hold their train-the-trainer programs at WCC each year.

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