Professional Development Solutions

Invest in excellence

Continuous learning helps your employees feel valued and more satisfied in their jobs. Your investment in your team builds loyalty and creates a capable workforce able to improve your bottom line. Here’s how:

  • Educating and training employees makes it easier to promote from within
  • Investing in employees makes them feel valued and builds loyalty to the company
  • Job training helps with retention of employees
  • Professional growth opportunities attract good workers
  • Staff development leads to increased engagement and productivity

Ready-made training at WCC

Regardless of whether you are a small or large company, your team can take advantage of WCC’s wide variety of professional development training, on campus and online. Check out the classes that are available through open enrollment.

Get training today

  1. Choose your classes here.
  2. Ask your employee(s) to create a student account and register.
  3. Pay for the class either:
    • Online with a corporate credit card, or
    • By invoice. To request an invoice, contact us at 734-677-5393.

Customized training

We provide customized training and organization development solutions designed to serve the specific needs of your business and industry, and tailored to your budget and needs. Training is available here, or onsite at your place of business!

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