These courses are from many WCC departments. They provide education for our students about a wide range of diversity issues. In addition, Eastern Michigan University counts most of these courses towards its Diverse World requirement.

ANT 201 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Relationships between human biology, psychology and culture will be examined utilizing the essential concepts and methods that typify cultural anthropology.

Art 143 African American Art & Culture
Explores the political, social, and cultural effects of various events such as The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, The Great Migration, and The Civil Rights Movement on the arts.

Art 150 Monuments and Culture
Students are introduced to architectural monuments from around the world. It focuses on the comparison of diverse architectural, religious, cultural and individual ideas.

COM 225 Intercultural Communications
Students will become familiar with the ways that nonverbal and verbal communication influence intercultural relationships.

DAN 180 Dance Appreciation-The World of Dance
Defines dance and its religious, social, cultural, historical, sexual, and artistic qualities; an academic study of the history and societal role of dance.

ECO 280 International Trade and Globalizations
Explores why international trade takes place, and examines the costs and benefits associated with increasing globalization.

ENG 181 African American Literature
An introduction to African-American thought through readings in poetry, fiction, drama, autobiography and the essay.

ENG 213 World Literature
In this course students will analyze world literature through literary masterpieces written from the time of ancient Greece through the Renaissance.

ENG 214 Literature of the Non-Western World
A survey of major world literature from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the sub-continent of India.

ENG 242 Multicultural Literature for Youth
A survey of prose, poetry and illustrated books exploring the experience of minority youth in American society suitable for the preschool through early adolescent child.

GEO 101 World Regional Geography
Students will become familiar with the basic principles and concepts of physical and cultural geography and survey the world on a region-by-region basis.

HST 123 The Twentieth Century
Focuses on fundamental, historical changes within the last one hundred years.

HST 150 African American History
This course examines the history of African-Americans in the United States from 1619 to the present.

HUM 175 Arts and Cultures of Middle East
Students are introduced to the rich history and contributions of the Middle East with a focus on Islamic Cultures from the 6th Century to the present.

MUS 180 Music Appreciation – Our Musical world
This is an active participation course in which students will use music as a means for learning about the world around us.

PSY 251 Educational of Exceptional Children
Students are presented with an overview of the major categories of exceptionality and methods for identifying and working with children in various settings .

SOC 205 Race and Ethnic Relations
Students examine the social and historical development of racial and ethnic stratification, and the legacy of inter-group conflict, racism and discrimination.

SOC 207 Social Problems
A theoretical analysis of social problems as well as the historical and current events from which these social problems arise.