Academic Dates and Important Deadlines

Fall 2020 Session Information

Session Begins With Session Begin Date Last Day to Drop Last Day to Add Last Day to Audit Last Day to Withdraw End Date
Number 15 weeks  Aug 31  Sept 11  Sept 14  Sept 11  Oct 23  Dec 20
Q 1st 5 Weeks  Aug 31  Sept 4  Sept 9  Sept 4  Sept 19  Oct 6
A, B, E 1st 7.5 weeks  Aug 31  Sept 9  Sept 12  Sept 9  Sept 27  Oct 22
F, G 1st 10 weeks  Aug 31  Sept 10  Sept 14  Sept 10  Oct 6  Nov 10
W 1st 12 weeks  Aug 31  Sept 11  Sept 14  Sept 11  Oct 13  Nov 24
Y 2nd 12 weeks  Sept 23  Oct 2  Oct 5  Oct 2  Nov 4  Dec 20
S 2nd 5 weeks  Oct 7  Oct 12  Oct 15  Oct 12  Oct 25  Nov 10
N, P 2nd 10 weeks  Oct 7  Oct 16  Oct 19  Oct 16  Nov 10  Dec 20
H, L 2nd 7.5 weeks  Oct 23  Oct 30  Nov 2  Oct 30  Nov 18  Dec 20
U 3rd 5 weeks  Nov 11  Nov 16  Nov 19  Nov 16  Dec 3  Dec 20
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  • Online classes (sections starting with D) and Blended classes (sections starting with M) have various deadlines. Check class start and end dates to see where it fits in the chart.
  • CRN: Course Reference Number
  • WCC has some sessions that are shorter than the full semester. These shorter sessions are sometimes called Parts of Term. They may start at the same time as the full-semester session or later in the semester. Each session has its own registration and refund deadlines.
  • The section column of the class schedule will provide the key to when your session begins and ends. The sections begin with a letter of the alphabet. The chart will help you determine when your session begins and ends.
  • An "X" in the course Section indicates that the course is held at a location other than the main campus. Make sure the class listed on your schedule is in the location you want!
  • Blended classes (sections starting with M) require campus attendance at specified dates and times, in addition to online work. Check the note under the course title in the class listings for on-campus meeting times.
  • Blended classes (sections starting with M) and Distance Learning classes (sections starting with D) have various deadlines. Check the class start and end dates in the class schedule.
  • Classes may not be offered in all sessions listed here. There may be only a few classes offered in the shorter sessions.