Meet our Alumni: Kyle Ellicott

Kyle Ellicott

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 Technology is forever changing our world, indelibly impacting the way we live each day, and Washtenaw Community College graduate Kyle Ellicott is right in the thick of it.

As a founding member of Wearable World, the tech-savvy entrepreneur and his co-founder have created an environment for technology professionals, dreamers, and venture capitalists to connect and collaborate on new ideas and ways to take them to market. They launched their San Francisco-based business incubator and accelerator in May 2014 and remain on the forefront of the wearable tech movement.

A long-time tech fan

Ellicott got excited about computers as a Saline Middle School student; in high school he built his first model. After high school graduation, WCC was the next logical step in his education.

“I grew up with WCC,” Ellicott said. “I went to summer camps there as a kid and I knew how good the classes were. I knew it was great place to start out of high school to get a true educational experience.”

While studying at WCC, he worked part time in the college’s IT department. He also decided to dual enroll at Eastern Michigan University during his second year where he earned his B.S. in Computer Information Systems to go along with his degree in Computer Security and Forensics from WCC.

“Being at WCC really put me at the beginning of what would become my future. The people I met, the jobs I was able to do, and the programs I worked on allowed me to get deeper and deeper into the technology. It helped accelerate my curiosity and experience.”

Personal approach

Ellicott credits WCC’s faculty for helping to create a rich and rewarding learning environment.

“Any type of education you would want to gain can be done at WCC,” he said. “The faculty are all there to help you and when you have professors like that it brings a higher level of education to the classroom. They are very easy to approach outside of class. I had a really great bonding experience not only with my professors, but my fellow classmates as well.”

It’s no wonder Ellicott’s advice to other students is so simple.

“Just do it. Whether you are coming right out of high school or looking to change career paths, WCC and its faculty are there for you to help you succeed.”