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Name Department Role Phone Office
Abdel-Fattah, Sommer Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time Faculty
Abdullah-Al Basir, Paige Human ResourcesPart Time Human Resources Coordinator(734) 973-3497BE 120
Abella, Mohammed Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyProf Faculty Mathematics(734) 677-5345LA 215B
Abernethy, Bill Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesProf Faculty English/Writing(734) 677-5129GM 300 N
Abke, Rodney Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 143
Abney, Laura Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 143
Abrams, Terry Business & Computer TechnologiesProf Fac Digital Media Arts(734) 973-3516GM 300 E
Abreu, Antonio Information Technology ServicesSenior Support Technician(734) 973-3456SC 314
Abruscati, Robert UA Instruction & SupportPart-Time Faculty
Achatz, Tom Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 143
Achter, Kaitlin Health SciencesPart-Time Faculty
Acquilla, Daphne Health SciencesPart-Time Faculty
Adamopoulos, Lia Learning ResourcesPart time Support Clerical(734) 973-3628TI 122
Adamopoulos, Sotirios Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 143
Adams, Damone Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304PO/LA
Adams, Lisa Financial ServicesBuilding Trades Accountant(734) 973-3412SC 200 L
Adams, Yvette Corporate Training & Lifelong LearningPT Trainer Lev 3(734) 677-5060ML104
Adelmann, Marisol Student ServicesCoordinator of Enrollment, Assessment, & Data - Adult Transitions(734) 677-5048SC 277
Aeschliman, Evan Student ServicesStudent General Fund
Agour, Ashraf Student EmployeeStudent Work Study
Agour, Ruba Student EmployeeStudent Work Study
Agurto, Felipe Advanced Manufacturing DepartmentPT Lab Assistant
Ahmed, Zeeshan Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time FacultyPT Commons
Aileni, Natalie Health Sciences Lab SimulationPart time Support Non-Clerical
Al Elayawi, Diyar Learning ResourcesPart time Support Clerical
Al-Mawla, Ali Student ServicesAthletic Coach - Soccer(734) 973-3720SC 116
Al-Mohammad, Ahmed Public SafetyPublic Safety Dispatcher(734) 973-3411CS 205
Al-Shohaty, Muhannad Corporate Training & Lifelong LearningPT Conference and Events Technician(734) 677-5060ML 102
Alabbas, Mohammd Information Technology ServicesNetwork Engineer(734) 973-3456SC 314
Albach, Suzanne Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyProf Faculty Geology(734) 973-3563LA 253O
Aldrich, Mike Information Technology ServicesSenior Principal Prgmr Analyst(734) 973-3456SC 314
Alexandrova, Natalia Corporate Training & Lifelong LearningPart-Time Faculty
Algiery, Ahmed ChemistryPart-Time Faculty
Ali, Sy Student ServicesOne Stop Specialist(734) 973-3543SC203
Ali, Falaknaz ChemistryPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 143
Alimoghaddam, Azadeh Health SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 973-3358Ti 122
Allen, Jerry Transportation TechnologiesPart-Time Faculty(734) 477-3739OE 160
Allen, William Transportation TechnologiesPT Lab Assistant(734) 973-3628OE 174
Allison, Cynthia Health SciencesPT Fac Contract - Instructionl(734) 973-3358TI 122
Almeida, Thomas Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 143
Almounauar, Ala'A Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPT Support - Non Cler
Alobudi, Murtatha Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPT Support - Non Cler
Aloqdeh, Jude Student EmployeeStudent Work Study
Alsaieq, Bara Business & Computer TechnologiesPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5366BE 231
Alshakargy, Aysar Business & Computer TechnologiesPart-Time Faculty
Alsobrooks, Nicole Health SciencesProf Faculty NursingTI 122 P
Alvarado, Nata Business & Computer TechnologiesStudent General Fund
Amir Bey, Inayah Business & Computer TechnologiesPart time Support Non-Clerical
Amituanai-Ascencio, Manuel Transportation TechnologiesPT Lab Assistant
Andersen, Brian UA Instruction & SupportPart-Time Faculty