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Name Department Role Phone Office
Yano, Kenji Continuing Ed & Community ServicePart-Time Faculty
Yastik, Joanne Health & Applied TechnologiesDirector of Nursing(734) 477-8704TI122B
Yi, Kevin Student ServicesStudent General Fund
Yonovitz, Mary Health SciencesPart-time Faculty - Non Teach(734) 677-5182TI 122
Yoo, Haesoo COVID-19C19 Tmp Pub Sfty Aid/Hlth Scre(734) 973-3411PS
Young, Colette Business & Computer TechnologiesPart-Time Faculty(734) 973-3467BE 236
Yuchasz, Brent Public Service Training-InstructionPart-time Faculty - Timesheet(734) 677-5024ML111