Student Made Exhibits in the Library!

March 5, 2024 Elizabeth Pepper

If you haven’t already, stop by Bailey Library to see two displays featuring handiwork created by your peers. Upon entering the library, you’ll notice artwork designed and crafted by the students in Professor Jepsen’s ART 112 Basic Design course. The pieces take the form of colorful and intricate accordion books, and illustrate the theme of “The Metamorphosis of Bees.” 

 Continuing further into the library, you’ll see a display curated by students in Professor Sparklin’s COM 225 Intercultural Communication class. On behalf of the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, students gathered information and library resources regarding various holidays and months highlighting equity and diversity.

 The display for March celebrates Women’s History Month, with recommended library books and streaming content showcasing women’s contributions and advancement. April's display features Arab-American Heritage Month, with photographs and links to relevant resources and recipes. Join us at the library -- where even the displays spark creativity and curiosity!

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