November 27, 2023 labmitchell

Helpful tips:   

  1. Know your test.  Know the format of your test. Will it be multiple choice? Problem solving? Will there be essay questions?  
  2. Practice for the inevitable.  If you know there will be essay questions, prepare a few outlines on likely topics ahead of time.  If the test is more problem-oriented, do as many practice problems as you can.   
  3. Study every day. Multiple studies have shown that you learn significantly better by studying for a short time each day over many days versus studying for a long time just one or two days.   
  4. Don't forget to take breaks. Breaks help your brain move info from short term to long term memory.  
  5. Test yourself. Test yourself for recall when you are studying. Practice retrieval of the information. If you can’t reiterate it, you don’t know it well enough.   
  6. Be the best you can be. Eat healthily before the test and drink plenty of water. Get plenty of sleep the night before.    
  7. Do a brain dump. Watch this 1 minute video for inspiration: Brain Dump   
  8. Improve your study techniques. Watch this 5 minute video: Scientifically Proven Best Ways to Study   

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