Setting Up Your Study Space

November 6, 2023 labmitchell

Where you study is just as important as how you study. As the last weeks of the semester approach, try some of these tips to make the most out of your study space.

1. No distractions: choose a space free from distractions and noise.

2. Be comfortable: make sure your space has comfortable furniture, but avoid studying in bed because you may fall asleep.

3. Plenty of space: pick a study area that is large enough for all your study materials.

4. Clean up your space: keep your space free of clutter, consider air fresheners to keep the space smelling nice and fresh.

5. Make it your own: if studying at home, personalize your study space with artwork, photos, etc.

6. Change of scenery: don’t be afraid to switch things up and study at different places.

7. Try a library: libraries have many options for quiet and collaborative spaces, the Bailey Library here at WCC is a great place to study!


Implementing these tips into your routine should help optimize your study sessions. For more information on creating study spaces, visit the following link: How to Create a Study Space | Maryville Online .

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