Registration for Fall Semester Will Start Earlier

Published on Feb 13, 2013 3:51pm by Bruce Maxwell,

This year, registration for Fall Semester will start three months earlier than in the past. Registration will start April 17 for current and readmitted students, and April 18 for new students.

Previously, WCC students registered for Fall Semester beginning in July. This required them to temporarily set aside vacations, summer jobs, or other activities to focus on school. No more.

The main reason for the change is “to get students to register while they’re still here” during Winter Semester, said Kathy Currie, director of student records. While many students take classes during Spring/Summer Semester, some do not.

The change will make registration more convenient for students, especially when it comes to planning, Currie said. For example, students who will attend both spring/summer and fall semesters can plan all of their classes in just one meeting with an advisor or counselor.

She encouraged students to run a degree audit in MyWCC to see what classes they still need to take. “Just schedule those and then go enjoy your summer,” Currie said.

The fall class schedule will be available online during the first week of April. Fall Semester starts Aug. 23 and ends Dec. 16.

Although registration for fall is starting earlier than before, fall payment deadlines will remain the same. The first payment deadline is Aug. 1.

Change Also Will Benefit High School Students Who Dual Enroll

The registration change also will make life easier for high school students who dual enroll at WCC, Currie said. High school students must get a form signed by their principal or counselor before they can dual enroll, and finding such educators is much easier in the spring than during summer.

High school students can take WCC classes at a number of area high schools, at WCC’s main campus, or at WCC extension centers at Brighton High School, Dexter High School, and the Hartland Center.

Spring/Summer Registration Starts Soon

Meanwhile, registration for Spring/Summer Semester will start March 13 for current and readmitted students, and March 14 for new students. The class schedule is available online.

Spring/Summer Semester starts May 13 and ends Aug. 8.