WCC freezes tuition

Published on Mar 27, 2013 11:31am

WCC students who register early for Fall Semester will be able to lock in current tuition rates. The WCC Board of Trustees unanimously approved the tuition freeze at its meeting March 26.

“The Board and I are truly pleased that we are able to offer this zero tuition increase,” said WCC President Rose Bellanca. “I strongly encourage our current students and students interested in enrolling at WCC this fall to take full advantage of this opportunity."

To qualify for the tuition freeze, students must do two things by Aug. 1:

  1. Register for fall classes
  2. Pay their tuition or arrange a payment plan

The fall class schedule is available online.

After Aug. 1, tuition will increase $2 per credit hour for in-district students, $4 per hour for out-of-district students, and $6 per hour for out-of-state students. Fall classes start Aug. 23.

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