College life is more than academics

Published on Apr 24, 2013 10:35am by Eleanor Shelton,

If you think there is no “student life” at a community college—think again. The WCC Student Development and Activities office offers more than 400 events a year. From performances at the Detroit Opera House to talent shows to whitewater rafting, the Student Activities office plans events that will appeal to everyone.

“We make sure that we offer things that hit on all tenets of the Student Activities mission, which are social, like going to the Zap Zone; educational, our trip to the Charles A. Wright Museum; and service, Relay for Life or The Heart Walk,” said Rachel Barsch, events coordinator with Student Activities.

When considering what opportunities to offer students, plans are often made well ahead of time. Some plans are made a year in advance, like events at the University Musical Society, and some on a per semester basis, like Finals Fuel Up, where students can take a break from studying for finals and get something to eat and drink or just hang out.

“Through our events we touch thousands of WCC students each year,” said Barsch. “We want students to feel they are not missing out on anything by choosing to come to WCC. When they participate in our events and programs, it helps students create a social network and they feel more tied to the school and more likely to complete their program of study.”

Christopher Ball recently transferred to Eastern Michigan University, but while he was a WCC student he participated in several Student Activities events. He went on a trip to Frankenmuth, visited the Charles A. Wright Museum, and performed in the WCC Talent Show.

“Each semester I would go through the list of events and choose the ones that were interesting to me and fit into my schedule,” said Ball. “The WCC Student Activities office does a good job of bringing in a wide range of programs for students to choose from like lecturers and special trips. I completely enjoyed my WCC experience and Student Activities was a big part of that.”

A complete list of Student Activities programs is available online.