DegreeWorks paves the way to graduation

Published on May 9, 2013 2:47pm by Bruce Maxwell,

A new online tool can tell you what classes you need to take to finish your certificate or degree at WCC.

DegreeWorks lists the classes you’ve finished, the classes you’re currently taking, and the classes you need to take in the future to finish your program.

“Every student should use this as soon as they start their first semester,” said Kathy Currie, director of student records. “It tells you exactly what you have to do to graduate.”

You can access DegreeWorks through MyWCC. Once you’re in MyWCC, follow the path Student Services/Student Records/Graduation Audit Using DegreeWorks.

Thinking about completing a different program? With a couple of clicks, DegreeWorks will tell you which classes you’d need to take to complete a certificate or degree.

DegreeWorks is a big improvement over the system it replaced, the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS), said Courtney Sommerfeld, enrollment services coordinator. “It’s user friendly and looks great,” she said.

Currie said students will save time and money with DegreeWorks because it will help them just take the classes they need. “It’s a great tool and we really hope students take advantage of it,” she said.

Registration for WCC’s spring/summer and fall semesters is now underway. A class schedule for both semesters is available online.