WCC students medal in state competition


Published on May 21, 2013 3:58pm by Janet Hawkins,

WCC students majoring in automotive, welding, and culinary arts returned to campus victorious from the SkillsUSA state competition in April.

WCC winners include:

  • Automotive refinishing: Justin Furman, gold; Wyatt Knick, silver; Ashley Thomas, bronze
  • Collision repair technology: Garrett Mead, gold; Ethan Ludwig, silver; David Ng, bronze
  • Welding team: April Reuter, Steve Wilczewski, Neil Clapperton, gold
  • Welding overall: Luke Stolarski, gold
  • Commercial baking: Loreta Marcinkeviciene, bronze; Dawn Stetler, honorable mention
  • Culinary arts: Mark Anthony Phillips, bronze; Andrea Capito, honorable mention; Mindy D’Oria, honorable mention

“This is an excellent example of the kind of enhancing college experiences we seek to provide for our students,” said Dr. Rose B. Bellanca, WCC president. “The value of enrichment opportunities like this cannot be measured.”

The gold medal winners will compete in the SkillsUSA National Conference in Kansas City in June. Furman received a $5,000 scholarship from PPG Industries to be used for education expenses and a two-day Alcoa Aluminum welding training scholarship, both through the Collision Repair Education Foundation. Collex Collision Experts also awarded each automotive SkillsUSA winner a Snap-on tools gift certificate.

In a separate event, culinary arts students Katie Carpenter, Daniel Edenburn, Bryan Larkin, Matthew McMahan, and Patricia Livernoise participated in an ice carving competition at the Saline Winter Festival and received an honorable mention certificate for their efforts.