WCC students win three Emmys

Published on Jun 20, 2013 4:21pm by Janet Hawkins,

Five WCC digital media students received Michigan Emmys for their work at the 35th Emmy Gala on June 15. This is the second consecutive year WCC students have returned to campus with Emmys in hand.

A documentary film by George Pariseau, Kevin Jackson, and Eileen Meier, “The Flow,” won in the Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs category. The film showcases some of Ann Arbor’s fire and acrobatic performers, and was recognized for outstanding achievement in reporting on activities devoted to cultural or artistic significance.

Brad Tennant’s film, “I’d Live For You,” won in the Director category. Written, directed, and edited by Tennant, the film uses the bustling central campus of the University of Michigan as its backdrop and skillfully tells the tale of a love struck Grim Reaper.

Barb Morrissey won the Photography category for her cinematography in “Belle Isle Zoo.” Once a popular destination for Detroit area families, the closed attraction has decayed to a state that is almost unrecognizable. Morrissey’s visuals offer a unique and artistic commentary about its heyday and demise.

Students Jennifer Gentner and Scott Campbell also were nominated for separate awards in the Music Video category.

“My faculty colleague Dan Kier, our part-time staff, and I are extremely proud of the digital video students' three Emmy wins for 2013,” said Matt Zacharias, WCC instructor. “Their success is a result of their talent and a tremendous amount of hard work. They made this happen for themselves. Emmy Awards at the freshman and sophomore level sets them apart for future employers and undergrad admissions at four-year institutions.”

“We are so proud of these talented students,” said WCC President Rose B. Bellanca. “This is an excellent example of the kind of enhancing college experiences we seek to provide for our students. The value of enrichment opportunities like this cannot be measured.”