New jobs site serves WCC community


Published on Aug 20, 2013 1:38pm by Bruce Maxwell,

Want access to up to 350 job listings that specifically target WCC students and alumni? Then log into the new WCC Career Connect.

While the job listings are the most prominent feature of the site, it offers a wide array of useful career tools for everyone from incoming students to graduates. It can help students find internships, build resumes, conduct mock job interviews, arrange appointments with advisors in the Career Services office, and more. And it’s compatible with all mobile devices.

"The Career Connect will help speed students along their career path," said Ross Gordon, director of Career Services. “It’s never too early for students to engage with this system because it’s going to help them gain opportunities before they graduate."

Jobs listed on the site run the gamut from part-time positions for current students who need to make money for college to entry- and mid-level jobs for graduates.

"The system lists between 150 and 350 jobs at any given time," Gordon said. Over the last two years, more than 1,300 employers posted jobs on WCC’s previous jobs site, said Dave Wildfong, a Career Services advisor.

“The employers are specifically posting in this system because they’re seeking WCC talent,” Gordon said. "They recognize the quality of students who attend and graduate from WCC."

When students search for jobs using the WCC Career Connect, it returns relevant results as well as recommendations based on their program of study and previous job interests.

"Users can set up alerts to receive emails about new jobs that meet their criteria. Even students who aren’t looking for jobs should set up regular alerts so they can watch industry trends and see which employers are hiring locally," Wildfong said.

Another key feature in the Career Connect is the Resume Builder. It streamlines the resume development process by allowing the user to fill in short fields that are automatically compiled into an industry-appropriate resume. Users can customize the entire resume, export it as a Word file, and integrate it with LinkedIn. “This is truly a builder—not a template,” Gordon said.

The Career Connect also helps students:

  • Arrange in-person appointments or online chats with advisors in Career Services.
  • Search for internships and set up alerts to learn about new opportunities.
  • Set up a mock job interview where a virtual interviewer asks questions and they answer. Students can record the session so they can review it and share it with a Career Services advisor to get feedback.

Both Gordon and Wildfong emphasized the need for students to start thinking about jobs as soon as they hit campus, instead of waiting until they’re about to graduate. “It is very wise to engage with the Career Connect and Career Services advisors as soon as possible,” Gordon said.