WCC Community Enrichment classes offer something for everyone

February 28, 2018 Richard Rezler

WCC Community Enrichment classes

Washtenaw Community College is dedicated to improving students’ lives through education and career preparation through its for-credit academic programs. The college’s Workforce Development department also works diligently with local organizations to ensure it’s creating the labor pool Washtenaw County and southeastern Michigan need to thrive in a global economy.

Another group on campus is contributing to both of those critical objectives, but isn’t afraid to also stretch its reach into the realm of the fun, unusual and eccentric.

Classes offered by WCC’s Community Enrichment department cover topics literally ranging from A (Aviation: So You Want to Fly?) to Z (Zumba) and engage all of your senses … even the sixth one (Develop Your Psychic Ability). They are designed for everyone in the community – from ages 8+ (Youth on Campus) to 80+ (Senior Focus); from vegans (Vegan Essentials) to meat lovers (Rustic Italian Cooking: Lamb).

Rather than helping prepare students for a career, Community Enrichment classes help residents fine-tune a skill or discover a passion. You can learn to dance (Social Ballroom Dance), finally understand how to use all the settings on your camera (Digital Cameras) or become an entry-level oenophile (Wines: Really Good Ones You’ve Never Tried).

Community Enrichment classes are also incredibly affordable. Heck, you can attend DIY: Basements, from Cellar to Family Retreat and use the savings you’ll realize over a lifetime to take every class found in the digital version of the Winter 2018 class catalog (you can register through this online list of classes).

Here is a little more information about five titles from the Winter 2018 catalog that caught our attention:


April showers bring … rain gardens? Why not build something useful and beautiful while simultaneously preventing garden wash-outs and flooded basements? This class will show you how to funnel rain water into an aesthetically pleasing and nearly maintenance-free garden space in your yard for very little money. (April 10. $39. Details.)


Plenty of people are hesitant to be seen alone in a restaurant or movie theater. Imagine the courage it takes to embark on major excursions without a companion. The payoff would certainly be better than a dry chicken breast and an overused Rom-Com plot. (March 26. $39. Details.)

BONUS TITLE: Once you’ve completed this class and are champing at the bit to start your solo globetrotting, follow it up with Introduction to World Travel.


Our friends at the Michigan Folk School lead this course on the beauty, history and evolution of stained glass. You’ll learn the basic techniques while crafting a dream catcher, small panel or nightlight to take home with you after two three-hour sessions. (March 22 & March 29. $85 + $30 fee. Details.)


Community Enrichment classes are not just for the novice. Once aspiring photographers have a handle on the capabilities of their digital cameras and have had an introduction to Adobe Photoshop, the fun really begins. An upcoming session of Photoshop Level 2: Intermediate (March 17 & March 24. $125. Details.) explores improving images through adjustment layers, selections and collage techniques. That’s followed by Photoshop Level 3: Advanced (March 31 & April 7. $125. Details.), which provides instruction on painting with masks, combining photos, sharpening techniques, soft proofing and more.


Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are among those who credited their genius ideas to self-hypnosis. What genius idea is stagnating within your higher consciousness? Learn the techniques to find out. (April 19 & April 26. $35. Details.)


Here is a list of Community Enrichment courses scheduled to begin over the next several weeks:


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