Talent show winner knows his dad 'would've loved to see it'

May 5, 2020 Rich Rezler

Nik Kopka spent thousands of hours working on ball-handling drills during his basketball playing days. When he saw WCC’s Digital Talent Show advertised, he decided to polish up those skills.

The result was a first-place finish in the talent show, and an opportunity to do something in his father’s memory.

“When I saw the talent show sign, I immediately thought of him,” Kopka said of his father, Scott, who died in 2019. “So I kind of wanted to win this for my Dad. I know he would’ve loved to see it.”

Scott was Nik’s biggest fan while he was playing basketball at Blissfield High School and briefly at Concordia University-Ann Arbor. Hip injuries shortened his playing career.

“I try to find a gym every day to work out, but I don’t really spend specific time on these drills anymore since my playing days are done,” said Kopka, 23, who was recently accepted into the WCC Physical Therapist Assistant program. “I did pick back up to prepare for the show, though.”


Other talent show prize winners (with links to their submissions) include:

Second place: Joshua Sikulimba (dancing)

Third place: Ian Tubbs (piano, singing)

Honorable Mention: Claire Sparklin (comedy) 

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