Ta’Varus Lumpkin, Dental Assistant

April 11, 2023 WCC Marketing

WCC Dental Assisting program provides opportunities.

WCC says, “What do you call a WCC graduate? Employed.”

Ta’Varus Lumpkin says, “That’s 100% true.”

According to the 23-year-old, it’s true because he found his current job as a dental assistant right away after graduating in summer 2022.

During the winter months, WCC runs a dental clinic that’s operated by third-year dental students from the University of Michigan with the help of WCC dental assisting students. An area dentist oversees the clinic, and Lumpkin’s skills caught his eye.

tavarus lumpkin
Ta’Varus Lumpkin

Lumpkin says that—at that moment—his confidence needed a boost, and he got it from the dentist who supervised the clinic. “The doctor gave me that push. He said he wanted me to come work in his office; that he wanted me to get that experience.”

“I guess he saw something in me, my personality maybe.”

For almost a year, he’s been applying what he learned at WCC, which was to be a general practitioner in his chosen craft. Opportunities and options continue to emerge for him. “Being in this position has led me to great patients and coworkers who are always willing to help. More opportunities, too. Like, I’m going to an event in Grand Rapids next week. I’ve never been to Grand Rapids. Just a lot of fun things to do when you’re really into it.”

He says the role of dental assistant is great for people who have the drive and want to strive for something greater. And, WCC’s program is an ideal place to begin.

“The instructors are great. They’re very hard, but they’re great. I’m still getting support from my instructors. They tell you, ‘If you need anything, we’re here for you.’

“Even though I’ve graduated, they’re still helping me. They’re still on my shoulder, tapping me and telling me, ‘You got this.’”

Next level for Lumpkin? His Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) certification from the State of Michigan. He’s already passed two of the three-part exams.

“I want to pass my RDA exam and see where I go from there. I want to stay in healthcare or the science field. I want to help people.

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