Coming home for the summer? Let's hang out!

February 15, 2024 WCC Public Relations

Home for the summer?


Every summer, Washtenaw Community College welcomes thousands of guest students to its campus and online learning environment.

Whether they’re students at local four-year universities or Washtenaw County residents coming home from afar for an academic break, most guest students are seeking the same benefits from WCC: affordability, flexibility and smaller class sizes.

Last summer, 2,461 enrollees identified themselves as guest students at WCC.

The summer semester is an ideal time for students to catch up with -— or get ahead of — their academic progress.

Of course, the most appealing aspect of being a guest student at WCC is the face-to-face course tuition rate of just $99 for in-district students and $176 for out-of-district residents.

University students who maintain residency in Washtenaw County are eligible for in-district rates, as are those who officially reside outside the county but work 30 or more hours per week for one or more Washtenaw County employers.

The Michigan Transfer Network database ( can help determine course transferability, but WCC recommends students confirm with their home institution’s equivalency guide that a course will transfer back as intended.

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