What do you call someone who attended WCC? Account Manager, Controls Engineer, Site Administrator and more!

May 2, 2024 WCC Public Relations

Nick Avram
WCC alumnus Nick Avram (right) is a senior account manager at Google who mentors students at the WCC Entrepreneurship Center.


When it comes to spreading the message about the many benefits of starting your higher ed journey at a community college, it’s safe to call alumnus Nick Avram one of WCC’s biggest advocates.

A senior account manager at Google, Avram shares how he started smart at Washtenaw Community College before transferring to Michigan State University to complete a bachelor’s degree in advertising.

“My B.A. degree doesn’t have an ‘Asterisk: Transferred from Washtenaw,’ but I kind of wish it did because it would help tell my full story. Whenever anyone asks what I thought about my time at WCC, I rave about the great experiences and how it sets students up for success — only paying one-third of the cost (compared to a four-year university) and getting three times the visibility,” Avram says, referring to the low student-to-instructor ratio, which opens the door for deeper learning.

“WCC gets properly funded, so you get the latest tech with fewer students using it. This provides more access for everyone with less wear and tear,” Avram says. “A lot of companies and institutions aim to make a profit, whereas WCC is there to empower students and the local community, which is priceless!”

A first-generation college student, Avram graduated from Ann Arbor Huron High School and enrolled at WCC with a plan to complete his first two years of general education courses and then transfer to Michigan State. He worked in Chicago for several years before his move to Google allowed him to return home to Ann Arbor in 2018.

In addition to helping Fortune 500 companies grow their businesses with digital marketing strategies through strong partnerships and collaboration, Avram gives back to his alma mater. He mentors entrepreneurial-minded students at WCC’s Entrepreneurship Center.

“It’s been an incredible experience making strong relationships and helping businesses grow in my career. However, I was craving the opportunity to mentor students heading into the professional world and give back to my local community that helped me thrive! I want to help position Michigan as the Silicon Valley of the Midwest,” Avram says.


What Do You Call Someone
Who Attended WCC? Employed.

Two more WCC alumni share their thoughts about how the college set them up for career success:

Kenneth Welther

Image of Ken WeltherFROM: Coleman, Michigan

BACKGROUND: Served in U.S. Marines as fixed-wing airframe mechanic; earned associate degree in Mechatronics from WCC in 2019; will complete bachelor’s in Technology Management from Eastern Michigan University in December.

EMPLOYED: Controls Engineer at Magna International in Lansing


Q. How did you choose WCC, and what were the benefits compared to other colleges or pathways?

Welther: "What truly set WCC apart for me was its emphasis on hands-on learning. The experiential learning has been instrumental in shaping my skills and preparing me for success in my field."

Q. How did WCC set you up for your career successes?

Welther: "The caliber of education and mentorship I received at WCC was exceptional. Having attended multiple institutions, WCC stood out for its commitment to ensuring student comprehension and achievement. WCC provided a solid foundation in robotics, electricity, materials and processes, fluid power and automation."

Q. Any advice for current for prospective students?

Welther: "I highly recommend prospective students to consider enrolling in the mechatronics program at WCC. The manufacturing industry is currently facing a shortage of skilled tradespeople. By pursuing a mechatronics degree at WCC, students can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the demands of this evolving industry. Not only does this offer excellent job prospects, but it also provides a pathway to long-term job security in a rapidly changing technological landscape."


Titus Dorobantu

FROM: RomaniaImage of Titus Dorobantu.

BACKGROUND: Immigrated to the U.S. with wife and son in 2002; previously earned associate in Computer Networking before earning associate degree in Mechatronics from WCC in 2021

EMPLOYED: Maintenance Scheduler and CMMS Site Administrator at Guardian Industries in Carleton


Q. Can you tell us about your educational journey?

Dorobantu: "Technology fascinated me at an early age, but access to it was challenging in Communist Romania in the ’70s and ’80s. Even having a VCR required authorities’ approvals. ... I started looking for colleges where I could learn robotics, something I wanted to do for a very long time. My job as a maintenance planner got me very close to various types of assets like robots, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and my priority was to improve myself and have a deeper understanding of what’s behind every piece of equipment running in our company."

Q. How did WCC prepare you for your career?

Dorobantu: "My instructors were an open library of knowledge and wisdom. I felt smarter when I drove back home each day, and walking through the plant’s lines at work, I had 'AHA!' moments seeing a robot “know” when to start or stop. WCC has amazing instructors, great mentors and advisors! I owe a lot to them.

Q. Any advice for current or prospective students?

Dorobantu: "Don’t ever quit following your dreams. As hard as the efforts to achieve your goals are, the feeling will be great when you get to the finish line."


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