Our Heroes: Nicole Dulinski

April 21, 2020 WCC

Nicole Dulinski


Nicole Dulinkski

Occupation/Title: Patient Care Technician

Place of Work: St. Joseph Mercy Hosptial-Ann Arbor

WCC Degree in Progress: Associate Degree in Nursing

Anticipated Graduation: 2021


How has your job changed?

Not too much has changed. Patients still need vital signs, lab work and to use the restroom, but it's just in more PPE now. 

How has your life changed?

I'm worried every day if I am going to take this virus back to my house and to my family. The anxiety is the worst part about this time. 

What is the hardest thing to deal with?

The hardest part is remembering all the steps to putting on the proper PPE. There are about 20 steps before you can even walk into the room and it is very uncomfortable and hot

One thing you wish the public knew about healthcare workers?

Healthcare workers are putting their lives at risk to make sure that people get to eventually go home and see their families. It's hard work but we do it because we want to, not because we have to. 

One thing you wish the public knew about COVID-19?

This isn't a joke. We need to make sure that we keep this pandemic from getting worse than it actually is. Stay home, stay safe and wash your hands!!


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