Karen L. Driggs, Sleepy Cricket Healthy Vending

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Karen L. Driggs, Sleepy Cricket Healthy VendingKaren L. Driggs, Sleepy Cricket Healthy Vending

We believe people in motion should have easy access to healthy snacks and beverages.  Sleepy Cricket Healthy Vending can meet the special preferences and dietary needs of your location with the convenience of cash, credit, debit and smartphone payment options. 

What drives you to be a business owner?

The opportunity to support a healthy lifestyle for busy people. I appreciate the income stream and the ability to be part of the community with this service.

How has the Entrepreneurship Center at WCC helped with your business goals?

The staff and classes available through the Entrepreneurship Center were critical to the formation and development of my business. Between establishing my LLC, developing a business plan to secure start up funding, introductions to prospective customers and the one on one counseling – The Entrepreneurship Center is a cornerstone for the success of Sleepy Cricket.  Do not underestimate the resources available.

If you could offer one piece of advice for fellow entrepreneurs or prospective entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Go to the Entrepreneurship Center.  Attend the free seminars and workshops.  Work one on one with Claire, Kristen and the rest of the team. Trust the learning and follow through with their recommendations. The EC exists to help you succeed.