Rebecca Wittekindt

Rebecca WittekindtTwitter & Instagram: @BeePresentHoney

Bee Present Honey is both a service and product company. We are beekeepers! We sell products from the hive (honey, lip balm, creams, beeswax food wraps and more), and bee-themed arts and crafts from local artisan partners. All of our bee derived products are only from our own hives. All local! Our packaging is always recycle-able or compostable. We want to support the environment we share with our bees by being a great planet partner!

Our service side has us attending events to bring awareness about bees and beekeeping with fun interactive games, activities, and crafts to our community. We do fairs and festivals, talks at libraries and schools, scout troops and home school groups, gardening clubs and more! We have been keeping bees over seven years and have been Bee Present Honey for four years.

What drives you to be a business owner?

Our love of bees and supporting the local economy drives us to build and grow our outreach and our business.

How has the Entrepreneurship Center at WCC helped with your business goals? 

The WCC Entrepreneurship Center has been a fantastic resource for us!  Early on I was encouraged to “go for it” when I first approached Kristin about my idea.  It feels good to have someone listen to your idea who has heard a lot of business stories and encourages you to move forward.  Her and the team at the EC gave me resources to be successful.  I attended the Starting your LLC or DBA session and submitted my business with the State.  I attended sessions about learning to Pitch my business and was encouraged to compete in the [email protected] competition which included several valuable workshops from resources such as EntreSlam, a workshop on pitching during WCC’s Free College Day, and Pitch Training with Victoria Bennett.  And after the competition, they have still supported Bee Present Honey with an individual counseling session with Al Newman, a great business connection, and hooked me up with a fantastic web designer Janelle Reichman of Ellanyze who is putting the finishing touches on my website. The EC has been pivotal in our success!

If you could offer one piece of advice for fellow entrepreneurs or prospective entrepreneurs, what would it be?

As an entrepreneur, the best advice I could give is think big and grow small.  You can’t have everything right away, you have to grow with your business, it is a very organic relationship.  Make big goals, create projects and make small steps that move you forward.  You have to start somewhere and each day is an opportunity.  Today is an opportunity!