Vardan Sargsyan

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VS Design LLC offers all forms of multimedia branding and promotion with a specialty in graphic design. This includes web and print designs, video production, and photography. I have been working with media arts since I was 12 years old and began working professionally in 2015. This past year, I switched my focus to freelancing, typically designing logos, t-shirts and flyers for local entrepreneurs.

What drives you to be a business owner?

What drives me to become a business owner is the ability it gives me to serve my local community. I view design as one tool out of many for serving others where there is a need. Often, I see a lot of talented people doing amazing things in the background, yet very few know of their efforts because they simply don’t have the means to market themselves. As a business owner, I can spot those people and support what they do with the tools and skills that I have.

How has the Entrepreneurship Center at WCC helped with your business goals?

The Entrepreneurship Center has been a huge help in growing my business. They have guided me through the legal processes of starting a business, and they regularly host seminars specific to my field which are great sources of information and a good place for networking as well. But most of all, Claire Abraham, the coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Center, has been a huge help as she has constantly referred clients to my business and personally guided and encouraged me through my journey. I cannot recommend the EC enough if you are looking to get a start on your business… Or if you like free coffee :).

If you could offer one piece of advice for fellow entrepreneurs or prospective entrepreneurs, what would it be?

My advice to entrepreneurs would be to START NOW and engage in your community. Owning a business is very stressful and does not pick-up overnight. There’s no better time start investing in it and making your first mistakes than when you’re in school. Look around in your local or school community and find a need that you can meet. You may have to begin doing so as a volunteer, but over time you will meet so many new people and experience so much that your network and skillsets will take shape in ways you couldn’t have predicted otherwise had you not begun simply doing something. If you’re at all concerned with what direction to take, simply start somewhere and in time you will weed out what it is you don’t want to do.