3D Printing Guidelines

The Learning Commons (LC) provides free printing to our 3D printer. We provide printer usage & consulting if needed and we also provide the printing filament for free.

Printer Features

The 3D Printer is an Ender 5-Plus, which is about a foot and a half-length/width/height-wise, that can support a 25x25x25 inches printing area (though only a portion of it will be utilized for efficiency).


The procedure for submitting 3D printing requests is as follows:

  1. Student/Staff/Faculty shall submit a 3D Printing Request Form for each object to be printed along with a .STL or .OBJ formatted file.

    3D Printing Request Form

  2. LC staff will evaluate the file, and the printing size and weight.
  3. LC staff will notify the Student/Staff/Faculty via email when their item is ready for pick up.
  4. Items may be picked up at the Learning Commons during regular business hours. Staff may estimate the time it will take to complete the print request, however, a specific pick-up time cannot be guaranteed.
  5. All items must be picked up by the Student/Staff/Faculty who submitted the request.

Freqently Asked Questions

The Learning Commons provides 3D printing for faculty, staff & students with no cost to use the service. The Learning Commons staff provides the filament, and 3D printer, and offers consulting services if needed. Faculty, staff, and students provide the file.

The service is available to Washtenaw Community College students, faculty, and staff.

The service is provided out of the Learning Commons location on the 2nd floor of the Learning Commons. Requests for prints must be submitted online only.

All prints will be executed by the LC staff during their regular hours of operation.

You are limited to three 3D Models per person per semester.

To submit a print, use the online request form. The Learning Commons staff is happy to answer any questions related to your 3D print job.

There are a few applications you can use to create your model. We recommend Thingiverse as a free application that provides reliable results.

Files can be submitted in .STL or .OBJ formats. Your 3D file will be uploaded with your online request form.

Requests are limited to the following size:
8cm by 10cm for the 3in by 4in conversion

Your 3D model will be printed in one color only. The online request form will provide a list of available colors.

All items will be printed on a first come first serve basis. Depending on the size of your print and the length of our queue, it can take 2 or more days for completion. In times of higher demand, LC staff may limit the number of prints to one (1) per day per person or group. The Learning Commons staff will provide an estimated completion date at the time the project is submitted.

The Learning Commons will provide the filament for your 3D print request.  Printing your 3D model is free. 

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