Tutoring and Study Groups

Tutoring is for all students

That's right. Whether you're doing great in class or need support, tutoring can help you succeed.

When it comes to tutoring, each student's goals are different. Need help on creating a study guide for a test? Struggling with how to approach an assignment? Looking for a deep dive into course concepts? Need to talk through your troubleshooting process? Tutoring can help with all of these and more!

Tutoring teaches you how to learn

Tutoring can arm you with important thinking and problem-solving skills. As a result, you'll develop and deepen your knowledge, make important connections in your course material, and learn how to learn.

Tutoring helps with all math problems

WCC tutors can help with every math problem on campus, not just problems from math classes. Need help calculating HVAC airflow? Need to figure dosing for your Nursing class?  We can help with these problems and more!

Tutoring is free

At WCC, tutoring is absolutely free to WCC students. Take advantage of this free service to learn how to further develop your academic mindset and complete your assignments with success and confidence!

More Academic Resources

Tutoring and study groups are just two of the ways students can deepen their academic understanding and succeed in their courses. Visit the Learning Commons for all our academic, learning and student tech resources.