Buying at WCC

Buying at WCC

A Quick Start Guide


Buying Methods

The WCC Purchasing Department helps make buying decisions in the  most cost-effective and convenient way possible. The following list offers a number of  buying options for your consideration when making purchasing decisions for your area.

Name Description




$500 Limit

PCard can be used for travel, hosting, and occasional  supply purchases. They are ideal for individuals who  have frequent travel and hosting expenses. 

The PCard is only for WCC business and all items purchased  with it are the university’s property. The PCard should only  be used by the person to whom it’s issued.

Blanket Purchase 


$500 Limit

A Blanket Purchase Order can be used to cover multiple small or reoccurring  transactions that do not exceed $500.

Direct Single Purchase 


$3000 Limit

A Direct Single Purchase can be used for all  transactions that require a purchase order (PO) under $3,000.  

Public Contract

Competitively bid public contracts available to State and Local agencies.

Consortium contracts are the result of competitive solicitations made by outside agencies and therefore do not require re-bidding.

Contact the WCC Purchasing Department to see if this option is right for you.


Competitive  bid process

Products & Services $3,000 and over


Competitive bidding encourages companies to compete for a specific product, service, or project. This process is governed by WCC Board of Trustee policy 6050 as well as various federal, state, & local statutory & regulatory requirements.

Contact the WCC Purchasing Department early in this process. The Procurement Team can assist with solicitation formation.

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Contracts & Agreements

The College’s Terms & Conditions governing the purchase of most independent contractor services have been included on the official Purchase Order document. In most cases a separate agreement will not be required provided certain criteria has been met . The following list offers general guidance on contracting requirements at WCC:

Name Description

Which Purchases Require a Contract?




The Purchasing Agent acting in the best interest of the College will use his/her best judgement when contracting for goods and services. The following is a list of situations that generally warrant a stand-alone agreement:

  • Construction & A/E design projects that impact structural or aesthetic integrity.
  • Services with extensive deliverables or terms & conditions, e.g. software service agreements, managed print services, vending/food service, etc.
  • High-liability purchases that require additional protections, e.g. intellectual property rights, confidentiality clauses, insurance requirements, etc.
  • Expanded/undefined performance requirements, e.g. unusually wide scope of service/delivery, additional acceptance criteria, missing warranties, etc.
  • Affiliation agreements.

Authority Thresholds


The College President, the Executive Vice President of Administration, and the Director of Budget are the only authorized signatories for the College.

  • The Director of Budget is authorized to sign all purchase orders.
  • The Director of Budget is authorized to sign contracts & agreements below $50,000.
  • Contracts & agreements $50,000 or above require the signature of the Executive Vice President of Administration or the College President.
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Contact the WCC Purchasing Department

Washtenaw Community College
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Ann Arbor, MI 48105-4800

Phone: (734) 973-3553
Fax: (734) 677-5414

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