Bookstore Purchases with Financial Aid

Summer dates for using financial aid to purchase books at the bookstore:
April 10, 2023  through May 23, 2023

If you have late starting classes or additional book needs, contact the Financial Aid Office. Assistance may be available.

How to use your financial aid in the WCC Bookstore:

If you wish to purchase books with your financial aid and you have financial aid money remaining that exceeds your tuition and fees, you may give permission for WCC to transfer money to the WCC Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

  • The transferred amount is based on your excess financial aid and the number of credits you are enrolled in for the semester. Up to $75 per credit hour will be transferred.
    • For example, if you are enrolled in 6 credits, you will have up to $450 transferred to the bookstore ($75 x 6 = $450).
    • Remember, in order to have money in the bookstore, the amount of your financial aid has to be greater than the amount of your tuition and fees.
  • To transfer your financial aid to the WCC Barnes & Noble Bookstore:
    1. You must authorize the bookstore to receive some of your funds. Log in to your WCC Gateway Account, select MyWCC, then Financial Aid, select Authorization Information and finally Barnes & Noble College Bookstore Transfer Authorization. You only have to do this authorization once while you are enrolled at WCC.
    2. Take your class schedule and WCC student ID card to the bookstore to purchase your books.
  • You can also shop online for your books at
  • Check your bookstore spending limit through your WCC Gateway before trying to purchase books. Log in to your WCC Gateway, select Financial Aid, select Account Information and then select Bookstore Spending Limit.
  • It is important to purchase the books for all of your classes during the bookstore dates for the semester, even if they start later in the semester. This is the only time frame in which financial aid money will be available for you to use in the bookstore.
  • Once funds are transferred to the bookstore, you have limited time to use the dollars. When the bookstore dates are up, the money you didn't use in the bookstore is included in your refund.

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