Emeritus Scholarship

Emeritus Scholarships are for Washtenaw County residents who are 65 or older.

"Didn't realize how important it is to be among people of all ages
in a learning environment ," Michael Fried


To qualify for an Emeritus Scholarship you must:

  • Have In-District residency status per the WCC residency policy
  • Be 65 years old on the first day of the semester

Does it pay for all classes and costs?

  • For non-credit classes, it covers tuition only. Other class fees must be paid by the student.
  • For credit classes, it covers tuition, any contact-hour fees and the technology/enrollment fee only. It does not cover PEA 115 or any other fees.

New emeritus students

  • Make an in-person visit to the Student Connection with your driver's license or state-issued photo ID if you are a first-time recipient taking a non-credit class.
  • Verify that the Student Connection or MyWCC lists your date of birth if you are a credit student.

To register for non-credit classes

Register any time that non-credit registration is open. Note that the Emeritus Scholarship does not apply to mandatory fees.

To register for credit classes

Be sure to complete the online application and complete the enrollment steps before attempting to register for classes.

Option 1: If you want to be sure the Emeritus Scholarship will apply to your class, register beginning January 7th for Winter Semester.

Choose from the courses available and we'll apply the Emeritus Scholarship—no payment required.

Option 2: If you're willing to pay for the class to secure a seat, even if the Emeritus Scholarship may not apply, you can register as soon as registration begins for the semester. But you must pay by the payment deadline so you're not dropped.

Here's how WCC determines whether the Emeritus Scholarship will apply to your class:

  1. The Emeritus Scholarship will be awarded retroactively if the Winter class is not full on January 7th. The College will issue you a refund later in the semester.
  2. If your class fills by the registration date shown above, the College will not award the Emeritus Scholarship for that class, even if a seat opens later. Check your WCC email after 4 p.m. on the registration date shown above to find out. You can:
    • Stay in the class and not receive a refund of your payment.
    • Drop by the deadline and receive a refund approximately one month after the semester begins.
    • Register for another class that is not full. Call the Cashier (734-973-7703) by 4 p.m. the day you register to ask that the Emeritus Scholarship be applied to that class, so that you're not dropped for non-payment.