Financial Need

To qualify for most financial aid, you must have financial need. Financial need is the difference between the cost of attending WCC and what you and your parent(s) can afford to pay.

The U.S. Department of Education determines how much you can afford. It calculates this number from information you supply on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The resulting number is called the Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

The total amount of financial aid you receive cannot exceed the cost of attending WCC.

See the current tuition rates.

At times, a student’s family situation may be unusual and have an impact on the household’s ability to pay for college. Examples of unusual circumstance may include, but are not limited to: a change in income/employment, divorce or separation or death of a spouse or parent. If the student (or parent of a dependent student) believes they have an unusual circumstance, please contact the Financial Aid Office. The Financial Aid Office may perform a professional judgment based on the family situation.

Try the net price calculator

To get an idea about how much it will actually cost you to attend WCC, try our Net Price Calculator. It provides an estimated amount that students like you will pay—after grants and scholarships but before student loans and work-study—to attend WCC for a year.

The calculator also provides an estimate of how much financial aid you’ll receive in grants and scholarships.

Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA)

Below is a chart detailing the estimated Cost of Attendance for the 2024-2025 year, based on full-time attendance for Fall 2024, Winter 2025, and Spring/Summer 2025 semesters, totaling 36 credit hours.


Expenses In-District Out-District Out-State
Tuition and Fees 4,104 7,056 9,756
Books and Supplies 1,152 1,152 1,152
Loan Fee 87 87 87
Miscellaneous 900 900 900
Living Expenses (Housing and Food) 22,272 19,332 22,272
Transportation 3,000 3,600 3,000
Total 31,515 32,127 37,167
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To view the components (Tuition, Fees, Living Expenses, etc) of how the Office of Financial Aid builds an estimated Cost of Attendance when awarding students that apply for financial aid, please visit the Office of Financial Aid Cost of Attendance.

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