Refund Exception

What is a Refund Exception?
The Refund Exception is an appeal to have classes removed from the schedule and transcript due to an unexpected situation arising preventing the student from completing the semester.  If approved, a voucher is issued to the student for the tuition paid except in cases of unpaid balances, financial aid, veteran’s benefits, or third party payments.  The voucher’s expiration date is determined by both the semester of the event and when you apply and are approved for the voucher. The voucher may only be applied toward the tuition and fees of WCC credit classes. The voucher is issued to the affected student only and cannot be transferred.

The following categories are covered by the Refund Exception process:

  • Induction of the student into the US Military.
  • Death of an immediate family member.
  • Death of the student (refund, not a voucher, is issued).
  • Verifiable medical situation incapacitating the student from returning that semester.
  • Verifiable error on the part of the College.
  • Extraordinary event prohibiting the student from completing classes.

Note: this is not a process that can address residency status disputes.
Your appeal must be submitted either during the semester of the event or the semester immediately following the event in order for it to be considered.

All appeal information should be submitted by the student.  Appeals submitted by another person on behalf of the student should only be submitted in cases of the student’s incapability to submit the information on their own.  Submissions by individuals other than the student will require additional follow-up by the College.

Approval of a Refund Exception is not automatic; each situation is reviewed in the context of the information provided along with consideration of the documentation submitted.  Generally, WCC will not contact you for additional information but will evaluate your appeal with the documents provided.  The Refund Exception generally applies to ALL of the classes you are currently enrolled in.  WCC assumes you are no longer attending class.

If you received Financial Aid (including the Futures for Frontliners & Michigan Reconnect programs) or Veterans Benefits, consult those offices before submitting the form. The approval of a Refund Exception may affect your Futures for Frontliners and Michigan Reconnect eligibility. The approval of a Refund Exception may mean you owe money back to WCC if Federal Financial Aid is involved or to the V.A. if veteran benefits were involved.

It is preferred that you attach all documents to the online form however paper copies can be submitted. WCC reserves the right to check the authenticity of documents and information submitted for the Refund Exception process. If falsified or forged material is suspected, the Refund Exception will be denied and you may face disciplinary action as stated in WCC's Policy 4095 - Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct Code (SRRCC).

Documents to provide are:

  • Induction of the student into the US Military.

Documents to provide:  Orders or call-up documents displaying dates of service.
Exclusions:  New enlistments, foreign military service.

  • Death of an immediate family member.

Immediate family member defined as – parent, step-parent, current parent in-law, biological grandparents, your child, step-child, adopted child, foster child, sister, half-sister, step-sister, brother, half-brother, step-brother, grandchild, and great grandchild.
Documents to provide:  An obituary, death notice, or death certificate.  Also, you will need to supply documents that show the relationship to the deceased.

  • Death of the student.

This form does not need to be filled out.  If needed, a family member provides a death certificate, obituary, or death notice and the school updates the student’s record.  Please contact the Director of Student Affairs at 734-973-3565 for assistance.

  • Verifiable medical situation.

Document to provide:

  • A letter on the Doctor or Clinic’s Letterhead.
  • The letter contains the address AND telephone number for the Doctor and/or Clinic.
  • The letter is addressed to:  Washtenaw Community College.
  • The Doctor’s statement: 
  • That (your name) has been under my care and is incapacitated from returning to school this semester.  The date I first saw the patient for this condition was (date entered by the doctor).
  • Signature of Doctor or Authorized Licensed Medical Care Professional.
  • Printed name of person signing AND the date signed.

Exclusions: Certain pre-existing conditions. 
NOTE:  Submitting receipts, appointment reminders, discharge instructions, disability certificates, EOBs, school excuses, or other notes in place of the letter above are subject to the interpretation of WCC.

  • Verifiable error on the part of Washtenaw Community College.

Documents to provide:  Documents related to the situation.

  • Extraordinary event prohibiting you from completing classes.

Documents to provide:  Documents related to this event.
Exclusions:  WCC reserves the right to define ‘extraordinary event’. 

The following are not considered extraordinary events – incarceration, parole violation, acceptance into another school, voluntary job changes, learning disabilities not previously documented with the WCC Disability Support Office, and loss of transportation.
Submitting Paper Copies:
If you wish to submit paper copies (the copies you provide are not returned to you), contact the Dean of Students Office at 734-973-3328 for instructions on how to submit copies you have made (the College cannot make copies for you).  The Dean of Students Office must receive paper copies within 10 days of the date you submit the Refund Exception form online.  If the Dean of Students Office does not receive the documents within 10 days, the application is closed.

How did you pay for the class?

  • Did you receive Pell Grants, SEOG, Futures for Frontliners, Michigan Reconnect, WCC/Foundation Scholarships, Student Loans, or Veterans Benefits?

If yes - The aid you received from the sources listed above will be reversed during the Refund Exception process. If you received any disbursements from this aid, those disbursements (including checks, direct deposits, bookstore charges, and child care) will be owed back to the College. WCC will not be able to give you an exact payback amount until the appeal is finalized. WCC strongly recommends you discuss your situation with Financial Aid or the Veterans office prior to filing this appeal.

  • Did you pay for the classes yourself?

If yes- the approval of this appeal will result in a credit voucher issued to you for use in paying future tuition.  The amount of the voucher is the amount of tuition and refundable fees applied to your account once the Refund Exception is approved.  You will be able to use the voucher during the following three semesters after the Refund Exception is approved. 

  • Do you still owe for the classes?

If yes – the approval of this appeal will result in the reduction in the balance owed when the classes involved are removed from your schedule.  A voucher for future tuition is not issued since there was not a payment.

IMPORTANT: By submitting the Refund Exception, you understand the following:

  • You have attached or will be submitting all the documentation that you want reviewed.
  • You assume all responsibility for the enrollment changes that may occur from this process:
  • Including changes in financial aid, Futures for Frontliners, and Michigan Reconnect  eligibility.
  • Including changes in eligibility for insurance.
  • Including changes in the balance of your WCC account.
  • Including changes in your status on current and prior student loan deferments that are based on enrollment.
  • I understand that WCC assumes I am no longer attending or participating in the class(es).
  • I understand the Refund Exception is typically applied to ALL classes (except in the case of College error). Exceptions to this are limited and rare.  Certain criteria must be met.

NOTE:  WCC strongly encourages you to withdraw from the class in MyWCC.

  • If your Refund Exception is denied and the Refund Exception is processed before the withdrawal deadline date, a withdrawal will be entered. 
  • If the Refund Exception is denied and processed after the withdrawal deadline date (regardless of when the form is submitted), you will not be withdrawn by the Dean of Students Office - the instructor will be required to enter a grade. 
  • This process is not intended for you to see what the potential results are, then decide if you wish to continue in the class.  This process is intended for students that have encountered significant issues with the inability to complete the semester.

Submit your Refund Exception appeal and related documents

Medical Leave of Absence Information
For students with a significant personal medical situation affecting them during the semester AND the Refund Exception process is not an option (financial aid issues, deferment issues, veteran issues) – you may qualify for a Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA).  The WCC MLOA offers the opportunity to take the same classes during the following semester.  Make an appointment with the Director of Student Affairs at 734-973-3328 or [email protected] to discuss the situation.


  • You must apply for the MLOA prior to or as, the medical situation is affecting your ability to continue in the semester. 
  • You cannot apply for a MLOA after the semester is over. 
  • If you are considering this option, contact the Dean of Students office immediately.
  • Financial aid is not available during the retake semester.
  • The exact same set of classes from your current semester must be retaken in the next semester, no more and no less.
  • Some courses are not offered every semester, the leave cannot be approved for semesters in which the course is not offered.
  • Your medical professional must provide statements of incapacity for the current semester AND statements that the medical situation will be alleviated before the start of the next semester.
  • Your academic status from both the current semester and prior semesters will be considered.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions, conditions that arise during the refund period, or conditions that arise during the last two weeks of the semester – are generally not considered for the leave.
  • The Medical Leave of Absence cannot be applied retroactively.  The application must be submitted by the student prior to, or as the leave begins.
  • Certain conditions under the jurisdiction of Title IX may be exempt from some of the listed criteria.


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