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Name Department Role Phone Office
Adams, Damone Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304PO/LA
Andrews, Rebecca Facilities ManagementResource Recovery Manager(734) 677-5312PO 107
Arhangelos, Danielle Facilities ManagementPart time Support Non-Clerical
Ashe, Jerry Facilities ManagementPart time Support Non-Clerical(734) 677-5304DF111
Baker, Theodore Facilities ManagementExecutive Secretary of Vice President of Facilities Development and Operations(734) 677-5322DF113
Barber, Mark Facilities ManagementChf Egnr Elctrcl & Mech Trds(734) 677-5419LA M80
Becsey, James Facilities ManagementVP Facilities Dvlpmnt & Ops(734) 249-5936DF 108
Belcher, Andrea Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304PO 107
Bergum, Michael Facilities ManagementJourneyperson Electrician(734) 677-5425LA M74
Bledsoe, Danny Facilities ManagementMechanical Systems Technician - Aquatics(734) 477-8945FC P01
Bobee, Daniel Facilities ManagementPT Custodian(734) 677-5304PO 107
Bond, Noah Facilities ManagementPart time Support Non-Clerical
Broom, Marcel Facilities ManagementCustodial Supervisor(734) 677-5304DF 111
Brown, Lavotnie Facilities ManagementPart time Support Non-Clerical(734) 677-5304DF 111
Browning, Tina Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5302DF 111
Bynum, Gary Facilities ManagementMaster Electrician(734) 677-5425LA M74
Carrington, Ricky Facilities ManagementGrounds Maint Tech(734) 677-5303PO 117
Cline, Carl Facilities ManagementBuilding Maint Worker(734) 249-5880DF 116
Colvin, India Facilities ManagementPart time Support Non-Clerical(734) 677-5304DF 111
Cooper, Ronald Facilities ManagementPart time Support Non-Clerical
Currie, Robert Facilities ManagementMechanical System Technician(734) 677-5302Fitness Center c/o SRB
Devee, Kelly Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304PO 107
Donoghue, Steve Facilities ManagementDirector of Design and Construction Services(734) 677-5301DF 121A
Doone, Harry Facilities ManagementMechanical Sys Technician(734) 477-8945LA M74
Dunn, Courtney Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5302DF 111
Dunn, Jeffrey Facilities ManagementBuilding Maintenance Painter(734) 677-5302PO 112
Ellington, Jensen Facilities ManagementPart time Support Non-Clerical
Evanski, David Facilities ManagementGrounds Maintenance Technician(734) 677-5303 Maintenance Garage
Ferry, Randy Facilities ManagementLead Ground Maint Worker(734) 677-5338PO 117
Fortin, Paul Facilities ManagementMech System Sr Controls Tech(734) 677-5311CLASB
Fortune, Kevin Facilities ManagementRecycle Technician(734) 677-5312LA 215E
Fortune, Quenten Facilities ManagementCustodian
Foster, John Facilities ManagementJourneyperson Plumber(734) 973-3700TI 117
Freeman, Travis Facilities ManagementGrounds Mechanic Asst(734) 677-5303MG (Maintenance Garage)
Furnari, Jean Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304LA 215E
Ghrist, William Facilities ManagementDir. Energy, Sustainability & Facilities Planning(734) 477-8787PO 122 B
Goins, Mark Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304PO/LA
Gourley, Lindsey Facilities ManagementCampus Services Worker(734) 677-5224SRB
Harden, Richard Facilities ManagementFleet Operator Technician(734) 677-5337PO
Harris, Gregory Facilities ManagementInterim Building Maint Technician(734) 677-5302DF 111
Harris, Mark Facilities ManagementJourneyperson Carpenter/Locksmith(734) 477-8946SRB
Herman, Holly Facilities ManagementLandscape & Grds Maint Mgr(734) 677-5303DF110
Herndon, Mark Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5302DF 111
Hesterly, Eric Facilities ManagementRecycle Technician(734) 677-5600TI 141
Hickenbottom, Roy Facilities ManagementBuilding Maint Worker II(734) 677-5175PO 107
Hughes, James Facilities ManagementPart time Support Non-Clerical
Hurst, Robert Facilities ManagementGrounds Maint Worker(734) 677-5337PO 117
Hytinen, Matthew Facilities ManagementBuilding Maint Worker(734) 677-5354PO 117
Jones, Carrol Facilities ManagementCustodian
Jones, Marvin Facilities ManagementMechanical Sys Tech-Controls(734) 677-5311LA M74

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