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Name Department Role Phone Office
King, Donald Facilities ManagementPainter(734) 677-5273PO
Lee, Gary Facilities ManagementPT Recycler Assistant(734) 677-5312PO 107
LeFlouria, Juan Facilities ManagementBuilding Maint Worker(734) 677-5193PO
Loizides-Weber, Cynthia Facilities ManagementCampus Interior Space Design and Planning Manager(734) 677-5326DF 121 D
Long, Eric Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304LA 215E
Lopez, Jason Facilities ManagementEquipment Repair/Custodian(734) 477-8929LA 123B
Lyles, Aaron Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304LA 215E
Martin, Kalin Facilities ManagementPart time Support Non-Clerical(734) 677-5304DF 111
May, William Facilities ManagementGrounds Pesticide(734) 677-5303Maint Garage
Mayher, Cassie Facilities ManagementFiring Range Custodian(734) 677-5302LA 215E
McKay, Kevin Facilities ManagementBuilding Maintenance Tech(734) 677-5350BE 138
Midura, Daniel Facilities ManagementJourneyperson Electrician(734) 677-5341LA M74
Milligan, Kelly Facilities ManagementCampus Services Manager(734) 677-5330SR145
Modock, Marcellus Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304LA 215E
Murphy, Michael Facilities ManagementMechanical Sys Tech(734) 677-5419CLAB
Nelson, Derek Facilities ManagementGrounds Maint Tech(734) 677-5303PO 117
Nitkiewicz, Mark Facilities ManagementPT Non Cler(734) 477-8966DF 122 C
Peterman, Terrie Facilities ManagementCampus Services Worker(734) 677-5194SR145
Podolak, Jeremy Facilities ManagementLandscape Planner(734) 677-5303PO 117
Podolak, Sarah Facilities ManagementCampus Services Worker(734) 677-5189DF 111
Polley, Michael Facilities ManagementMechanical Systems Technician/Refrigeration
Porsche, Tim Facilities ManagementPT Support - Non Cler
Portelli, Alicia Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 306-5105LA 123D
Pullen, David Facilities ManagementCustodian
Robinson, Todd Facilities ManagementDirector Building & Custodial Operations(734) 677-5302DF108
Rowley, Scott Facilities ManagementSec & Fire Alarms Systems Tech(734) 677-5445SR 115B
Ryskamp, James Facilities ManagementLead Custodian(734) 477-8948LA 215E
Ryskamp, Stacey Facilities ManagementLead Custodian(734) 477-8948LA 215E
Sarmoum, Bakhti Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304DF111
Saunders, Michele Facilities ManagementCampus Services Worker(734) 677-5238SRB
Schulz, Ronald Facilities ManagementGrounds Maint Worker(734) 677-5303PO
Smith, Karen Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304PO/LA
Stratton, Johnnie Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304PO/LA
Sturdevant, Dustin Facilities ManagementCustodian
Taulbee, Casey Facilities ManagementJourneyperson Electrician(734) 677-5311LA-M80
Taylor, Michael Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304Pob
Vellay, Keatha Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304PO/LA
Wegienka, John Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304PO/LA
Wenger, Valerie Facilities ManagementFacilities Operations Sec(734) 973-3714PO 117
Whipstock, Craig Facilities ManagementAVP Facilities Operations(734) 677-5150DF 108
White, Brandon Facilities ManagementCustodian/Firing Range
Williams, Sebreda Facilities ManagementBuilding Maint Worker(734) 677-5026PO

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