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Name Department Role Phone Office
Lester, Eric Learning ResourcesPT Media Classroom Support Tech
Lett, Eric Information Technology ServicesSupport Technician(734) 973-3456SC 314
Levay, Pamela Information Technology ServicesSenior Network Engineer(734) 973-3456SC 314
Levickas, Emily Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesPart-Time Faculty
Levitt-Phillips, Hava Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesProf Faculty English/Writing(734) 677-5332LA 215K
Lewis, James Business & Computer TechnologiesProf Faculty Electri/Electro(734) 477-8529BE202
Lewis, Jonathan UA Instruction & SupportPart-Time Faculty
Lewis, Karen Student ServicesStudent General Fund
Lewis, Kenneth Transportation TechnologiesPart-Time Faculty(734) 973-3644OE174
Liao, Luowei Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesTemp Prof Faculty(734) 973-3356LA 253 B
Lickers, Jennifer Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 973-3326LA 253 W
Liesen, Jeremy Distance LearningOL Cross Functional Developer(734) 477-8914GM 230M
Lindemann, Cristy HVACProf Faculty Const Tech Progs(734) 973-3622LA 153I
Lindsey, Kevin Public Service Careers/ApprenticeshipsProf Faculty Pub Svc Careers(517) 745-9352GM300 AA
Lindskov, Robert Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesStudent General Fund
Linford, Ben Instructional SupportDirector Curriculum/Assesmnt(734) 973-3374 SC 255
Linford, Sheila PR & MarketingProject Mgt Coord - Mrktg/Comm(734) 973-3704SC 306A
Littlefield, Cari UA Instruction & SupportPart-Time Faculty(734) 973-3359GL200
Liu, Xuanhao Business & Computer TechnologiesPart-Time Faculty
Lividini, Terri Health SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 973-3474TI122
Livingston, Kalena Business & Computer TechnologiesPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5366BE200
Locke, Stephen Public Service Training-InstructionPT Prof Service Teaching
Lockwood, Bethany UA Instruction & SupportJATC669Technical Writer-Editor(734) 477-8907SR102C
Loechli, Morgan Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 143
Long, Brent Health SciencesPart-Time Faculty
Long, Eric Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304LA 215E
Longenbarger, Jordan Public Service Training-InstructionPT Prof Service Teaching(734) 677-5024ML 106
Lopez, Jason Facilities ManagementEquipment Repair/Custodian(734) 477-8929LA 123B
Lopez, JasonTransportation TechnologiesPT Lab Assistant
Lopez-Diaz, Lymari Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time Faculty
Lor, Emily Business & Computer TechnologiesSupport Svs Secretary BCT(734) 677-5366BE200
Lotvola, Louis Learning ResourcesPart Time Lead Tutor
Love, Robert Health SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 973-3628OE 102
Low, Bruce Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 143
Lowenstein, Kathleen Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesPart-Time Faculty
Lowhorn, Tyler Public SafetyPT Security Patrol Officer(734) 973-3411CS205
Lowing, Robert Transportation TechnologiesProf Faculty Auto Body(734) 973-3343OE 160M
Lu, Yin Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyProf Faculty Mathematics(734) 677-5040LA 215Q
Lucas, Matt Student ServicesManager of WCC Sports(734) 973-3720SC 115
Lugo, Kayla Student RecordsPT Support Level(734) 477-8560SC 206A
Lupton, James Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5090LA 143
Lyle, Ryan UA Instruction & SupportPart-Time Faculty
Lyles, Aaron Facilities ManagementCustodian(734) 677-5304LA 215E