Christopher Barrett

Christopher Barrett

Christopher Barrett

Prof Faculty Anthropology

Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences

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About Christopher Barrett

A native of central Ohio, Christopher Barrett has worked extensively on skeletal and dental collections from North America, South America, and Europe. He began teaching Anthropology in 1999, and has held positions at colleges and universities throughout the Eastern United States. Dr. Barrett began teaching at WCC in 2013. Since his appointment, he has expanded the course offerings at WCC to include Forensic Anthropology and Study Abroad courses focused on Archaeology and Bioarchaeology in both Peru and the United Kingdom.

Ph.D. Anthropology (2005)
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Dissertation: Fluctuating Dental Asymmetry As An Indicator Of Stress In Native Americans of the Ohio River Valley.

M.A. Anthropology (1998)
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

B.A. with distinction, Anthropology (1993)
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Honors Thesis: Quantitative Assessment of Pathology in a Late Archaic Population.


2014 Barrett, Christopher K., and Case, D. Troy
“Use of 2D:4D Digit Ratios to Determine Sex”
Journal of Forensic Sciences 59(5):1315-1320

2012 Barrett, Christopher K., Guatelli-Steinberg, D, Sciulli, PW
“Revisiting Dental Fluctuating Asymmetry in Neandertals and Modern Humans”
American Journal of Physical Anthropology 149(2):193-204

2001 Barrett, Christopher K, Cavallari, Wendy A, and Sciulli, Paul W.
“Determination of Sex from the Talus in Prehistoric Native Americans”
Collegium Anthropologicum, 25(1):13-19

1993 Sciulli, Paul W., Barrett, Christopher K., and Proctor, Rick.
“The Proctor Rock Shelter (46NI84) Burial: Possible Carcinoma or Myotic Infection”
West Virginia Archaeologist 45(1):35-42

Bioarchaeology; biocultural adaptations to stress and prehistoric health.
Dental Anthropology
Forensic Anthropology

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