Beth Marshall

Beth Marshall

Beth Marshall

Prof Fac Early Childhood Ed

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About Beth Marshall

Beth teaches Early Childhood Education classes at WCC. Her 30 years of experience include the role of classroom teacher, center director, and trainer for resource and referral organizations. She was the Director of Early Childhood Education at HighScope Educational Research Foundation, where she developed curriculum and assessment materials and professional development sessions. Beth was fortunate to have worked with educators throughout the United States and in South Africa, Ireland, the UK, Finland, Mexico, and Canada. Most recently, she was an Education Consultant for Detroit Public Television.

Beth lives in Ypsilanti with her husband and their rescue dog Murphy. She has 2 grown daughters and 4 grandchildren.

MA, Oakland University
BA, Michigan State University

Zero to Three Critical Competencies for Infant-Toddler Educators
Michigan Adverse Childhood Experiences Comunity Champion Trainer

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