Juan Redondo

About Juan Redondo

Juan C. Redondo was born in Spain.  He is a historian and a linguist, educator, who spent ten years studying and working in several foreign countries, in both Western Europe and the Far East.  Juan teaches French and Spanish courses at WCC.  He did research on Early Global Trade in the Dutch National Archives in 1981.  He received  a  Master’s degree in Early European History from the University of Berkeley-California in 1989 , and a  Master’s degree in Spanish Literature-minor French- from the University of Madison-Wisconsin in 1992,  and has been teaching at WCC since 1994.  He loves to interact with people from different cultures, speaking foreign languages.  His hobby is to do constant research on the links between History and Languages, their effects on diversity and mentalities, and  plans to study linguistic variations in situ. He dedicates most of his time to learn and to help his students at WCC.