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Dr. Irfan Sadiq is the Adjunct Faculty, Math’s, Sciences & Engineering Technology Division at Washtenaw Community College since August 2004. He is also Chief Architect of the Global SchoolGroup initiative. At WCC, he teaches college level courses in Physics. Under his supervision, the Hybrid Program (Mixed Mode) was initiated at WCC within the area of Classical Mechanics otherwise called PHY111. He also taught Electricity and modern Physics (PHY122).

His 30+ years of experience includes senior management and consulting/advisory positions with governments and industries around the globe. He has consulted with global telecom organizations, US Government, Ford Visteon Corp., healthcare organizations, professional services organizations in Africa, Europe, Asia and USA and some developing countries, and major academic institutions including University of Michigan for several years.

Dr Irfan has published papers in international educational journals. He has total of about 30 yrs. in education sector.

Recently he spent 15 yrs. in United States serving educational community. In addition, he worked for 14+ yrs. at various positions with the State, Federal Governments and VA in the area of educational research and administration in West Africa. Developed new curriculum and established schools in remote areas sponsored by voluntary agency and local community. School Curriculum was developed through rigorous and continuous screening and testing process. One of the most challenging tasks were implementing Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence. Different students learned differently which became a great challenge to develop a uniform curriculum but succeeded in developing it in line with Plateau State Ministry of Education requirements.
After this success, the state ministry of education appointed him as the state senior inspector of education responsible for the teacher’s performance and
science/technology curriculum for all schools in the state. Dr Irfan was given an honor as a member of State Teachers Service Commission representing state ministry. He got several promotions in a short span of time and reached to the rank of state deputy chief education officer. Finally, he was appointed State Director of Science and Technology Center. During this period, he was selected by the Federal Ministry of Education when it initiated UNESCO sponsored country wide k12 math and science project in collaboration with Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council .in the capacity of coordinator and implementation director for Benue State. Major tasks performed were revising country wide primary math and science curriculum
in line with technological advancements and innovations, Teacher training and UNESCO plan implementation in 36 states of Nigeria and it's Federal Capital Territory. He also authored primary science teacher’s activity guide published by FME and a science text book for Junior Secondary Schools published by West African Book Publishers. Finally, before leaving the state government, he was conferred with the title of science and technology Adviser to the state government.

PhD in Education-Instructional Design, CU, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Effects on online games on student performance in undergraduate physics

MS in Information Technology, CU, Minneapolis, Minnesota
MS in Theoretical Physics, Punjab University
BS (Hons) Physics and Maths dual major

Member Abdus Salam Physics Society

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