Study Areas

WCC provides a variety of study spots for students. Some popular locations are listed below.

Business Education Building Atrium

Comfortable couches at the center of the first floor atrium in the Business Education building Atrium offer a relaxing place to catch up on homework.

Campus Areas

When the weather is nice, WCC offers quite a few different places to get some fresh air and study outside. Some of the most popular include the grassy areas near the Student Center building and the numerous concrete benches that are adjacent to the sidewalks that wind around campus.


WCC Library has lots of quiet places to study. Located on the first floor of the Gunder Myran building, the Library has secluded, partitioned desks, as well as seating in open areas that offer relaxing view of campus. The library also offers Group Study Rooms for groups of two or more students, available by walk-in or reservation.

Liberal Arts and Science Building Atrium

Individual seating circles the atrium on all three floors of the Liberal Arts & Science building. The natural lighting provided by the buildings skylight adds warmth to the restful study areas.

Morris Lawrence Building Lobby

With a picturesque view of campus from the building's western windows, the lobby offers a great place to meet friends and study.

Student Center Building

Looking for quiet space for lunch or to study? The first floor houses a quiet space as well as a meditation room.

The food court and coffee shop on the first floor of the SC building are popular areas to study and get something to eat.

The second floor of the Student Center building also offers areas to study or to meet classmates and work on projects.

Study Pub

Set off in a quiet corner on the south side of the first floor of the Student Center building, the Study Pub area allows students to read, work on class assignments, or meet with friends and classmates while enjoying a snack, beverage or lunch. Students can sit at one of several booths or tables and be tucked out of the way from the flow of traffic for a nice break in a day of classes.

Technical and Industrial Building

The seating in the atrium of the TI building offers a nice retreat on the west side of the campus.

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