Free College Week

Free College Week

April 3 - April 7

All classes on zoom


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Free College Week is an opportunity to register for one of the many FREE virtual sessions offered during this annual learning inspired event.

Topics covered may pique your interest, help you learn something new or take you into a world of exploration. Experienced presenters and instructors are from WCC and the southeast Michigan community.

If you have questions, please email [email protected].

Sessions Offered

Learn about Emerging Vehicle Technologies & The WCC Transportation Technologies department (T, Th)

Becoming an Inclusive Leader (Th)
Code Switching (Th)
Understanding Entrepreneurship (T)

So, You're Thinking of Getting Your Real Estate License (T, Th)

ABC's of publishing (T, Th)
Evolution of Sacks to Aprons: 1910s-30s (W)
Glass-Half-Full Telling of Jewish History (M, T)
Hercules, Hamilton, Humanities (M, T)
Introduction to Judaism (M, T)
Jumpstart Your Memoir (T, Th)
Writing to Save the World (M, W)

Becoming an Ally (W)
Brief History of Psychological Theories (M, Th)
Conquer Procrastination Today (Not Later!) (M, T)
Digital Couponing Basics (F)
Discover Your Roots & Discover Your African American Roots (M)
Landscaping Your Property To Reduce Wildfire Damage (T)
Learn How to Publish in Magazines (M, W)
Learn to Become an Ally (F)
Learning to Respond to Microaggressions (F)
Let's Practice Conversational Spanish (W, Th)
Lore, Lies, and Methods in Mapmaking (M)
Psychology of Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination (M)
Safety & Security, What You Need to Know (T, W)
Special Features of Lake Huron (T, Th)

An Introduction to Google Drive and Docs Basics (M)
Beyond Accessibility to Universal Design:  Tools and Strategies (M, Th)
Creating a Basic Google Sheet (W, Th, F)
Excel Tips and Tricks (T)
Exploring Smartphones and Tablets (W)
Managing Your Gmail Account (Th)
Windows Computer Basics (M)

Eat Those Nutritious Weeds (Th)
Celebrate Cookies--the Yummy Kind (T)
Quick & Easy Supper- Pasta from Calabria (M)

Come Paint with Me (F)
Improv for Gamers (W)
Introduction to Gemstone Faceting (M, W)
Jazz Music (Th)
Keeping it Simple with Water Mixable Oils (T)
Mindful Drawing (W, Th)
Painting Tips with Water Mixable Oils (Th)

Amazing World of Animal Life in a Garden (Th)
Attracting Good Bugs To Your Garden (M, W)
Backyard Small Fruit Growing (M, T, W)
Carnivorous Plants--How to Grow a Venus Fly Trap (Th)
Controlling Garden Weeds (M)
Create a Moon Garden (M, T, W)
Creating a Butterfly Garden (M, T)
Edible Garden Flowers (Th)
Exotic Air Plants (W)
Garden Weed Identification (M)
Gardening for Pollinators (T)
Growing African Violets (W)
Growing Tomatoes In A Container (T)
Learn How To Grow Tomatoes (W)
Propagating Plants (W)
Tree Selection and Planting (T, Th)
Waterwise Gardening (M)

Befriending Body and Mind Care (W)
Improvisation for Anxiety (T, Th)
Nursing 101: Career Exploration (Th)

Be Credit Smart! (W)
Elder Care Management for Family Members (T, Th)
Homebuyers Education (M)

How does your residential gas furnace work? (Th)
Why a Career in the Building Trades (T, Th)

Access, Success, Equity & Inclusion @ WCC (T)

Islands of Paris (M, Th)
Pantanal - A Wildlife Paradise in the Heart of Brazil (W)
Scandinavian Islands and Architecture (W, F)
Virtual Beachcombing of Florida's Beaches (M)

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