Legacy Circle

Donors who have indicated a planned gift in a will, estate plan, life insurance policy, or other vehicle are members of the Foundation’s “Legacy Circle.”If you have made provisions for a planned gift, please make us aware so that we may add your name to our Legacy Circle. If you would like information about making a planned gift, please contact the Foundation office via email at [email protected] or via phone at 734-973-3665.

Legacy Circle Members

Dr. and Mrs. David G. Anderson
Mr. Thomas H. Blaske and Mrs. Mary Steffek Blaske
Mr. Carl A. Brauer, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brauer*
Ms. Kathleen A. Brennan
Jacquelyn A. Brewer*
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie D. Buhr
Ms. Esther Callan*
Ms. Elizabeth C. Chesky
Ms. Mary Lou Clark
Ms. Sherry Cogswell and Dr. Stephen Stefanac
Mrs. Margaret H. Coudron*
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Couyoumjian
Mr. Glenn Tarcea and Dr. Elizabeth A. Crane
Mr. H. Richard Crane*
Ms. Elizabeth A. Crary*
Ms. Rachel L. Crary
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Cummins
Mrs. Laura J. Curtiss
Ms. Molly Dobson
Ms. Becky L. Donally
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Duke*
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Eggan
Mrs. Beulah R. Elving*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Euritt
Terry S. Foster*
Mrs. Gargi B. French*
Ms. Nan Gill
Dr. Dennis Grimard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grosshans
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Grossman
Mr. Melvin S. Harder
Mr. Richard H. Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. R Timothy Hogan
Mr. Michael Hommel
Ms. Carey Jernigan
Mr. and Mrs. John Johns
Mr. Lester F. Johns*
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kitchens
Paul C. Kokkales*
Dr. Barbara LaHood
Mrs. Henry Landau*
Ms. Wendy L. Lawson
Ms. Christine A. Lord
Ms. Frances Lyman
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Macklem
Ms. Nancy Margolis
Mr. Bob Martel and Ms. Lisa Sessa
Ms. Robin D. Mays
Mr. and Mrs. R. Griffith McDonald
Mr. Michael McGraw
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McMullen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. McMullen
Mrs. Frederick N. McOmber*
Ms. Judith Mich*
Dr. Gunder Myran
Rosemarie Nagel*
Mr. Lee Sirvaitis and Ms. Robbie E. O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. O'Neal
Ms. Donna D. Park*
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Parsigian
Mr. David Patria
Mr. Wayne P. Plachta
Mr. Joshua H. Pokempner and Ms. Gretchen Gardner
Ms. Susan Pollay
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Pollock
Ms. Betty Lou Reisman*
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Remen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schriber
Ms. Mary Ann Sellers
Mrs. Bernadine Shear*
Ms. Jo-Ann R. Socha
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Solvay
Dr. Rajeev Batra and Ms. Priscilla Spencer
Ms. Nancy VanSickle*
Mr. and Mrs. James White
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart E. White
Mr. Dao-Liang Wu*
Ms. Margaret E. Yahrmatter*
Data as of 2/16/2024

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