The Grants Office within the WCC Foundation is here to assist WCC faculty and staff in securing external funding to support projects and initiatives of the college.

How do we help?

  • Researching potential funders and funding opportunities
  • Evaluating the ‘fundability’ of projects/initiatives
  • Assisting in budget development
  • Writing proposals/letters of inquiry
  • Helping develop partnerships with outside organizations
  • Preparing follow-up grant reports

What is the process?

It is best to allow six months or even a year for the grant planning, development, and submission process to be completed. Why?

  • Sometimes funders only make grants a few times each year; and some only once. Planning far ahead for a project will guarantee that you won’t be thrown off if you have to wait a year for the funding decision to be made.
  • Allowing plenty of lead time ensures that there will be enough time to effectively research potential funders, build relationships with a funder if appropriate, recruit project partners if collaborations are required, and gather the information necessary to make an effective case.

Before discussing a project idea with the Foundation, please complete a Pre-Proposal Project Summary and have it signed by your Department Chair and Dean.  Completing the form will provide the Foundation details that are needed to determine if your project meets basic program guidelines.  Please contact Amanda Peters at [email protected] or (734) 677-5032  if you have questions about completing the Pre-Proposal Project Summary.