BIO 225: Tests and Measurements in Exercise Science

In this course, students will integrate and apply the principles learned in the prerequisite courses. Students will learn to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of scientific research in the field of exercise science, gain practical experience and expertise with widely used measuring instruments of physical performance and body composition and may choose to take the external certification examinations for personal trainer and health/fitness instructor.

Level I Prereq: Academic Reading and Writing Levels of 6; BIO 110 and BIO 111 and BIO 201 and MTH 160; minimum grade "C" for all BIO and MTH requirements; BIO 111 and MTH 160 may enroll concurrently

Class offerings by semester

Fall 2019 Winter 2020 SP/SU 2020
  offered in the daytime  

offered in the daytimeDay Class (before 5:00pm) offered at nighttimeEvening Class (after 5:00pm) offered online Online Class

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Description Hours
Credits  3
Lecture Hours 30
Clinical Hours 0
Lab Hours 45
Other Hours 0
Total Hours 75
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