Academic Departments

Business and Computer Technologies Division

Dean: Eva Samulski
Office Professional: Anette Preston
Divisional Advisor:  Sandro Tuccinardi

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Health Science Division

Dean: Valerie Greaves
Office Professional: Melinda Harrison
Divisional Counselor (Allied Health): Susan Travis

Department Department Chair
Allied Health (ALHD)

Kristina Sprague

Program Directors:
Dental Assistant: Kristina Sprague
Medical Assisting: Rhonda Johns
Physical Therapist Assistant: Patricia Hill
Radiography: William Nelson
Surgical Technology: Elizabeth Connors

Health Science (HLTS)

Kiela Samuels

Nursing (NHSD)

Theresa Bucy

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Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences Division

Dean: Scott Britten
Office Professional: Aimee Smith

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Math, Sciences & Engineering Technology Division

Dean: Victor Vega
Office Professional: Toni Ellicott

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Advanced Technologies and Public Service Careers Division

Dean: Jimmie Baber
Office Professional: Debra Oliver
Divisional Advisor: Julie (Niki) Lee

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Economic Development and Community and Corporate Alliances Division

Vice-President: Michelle Mueller
Office Professional: Sheila Linford

Department Department Contact
Community Enrichment Lifelong Learning Michelle Zervos, Director
Economic and Community Development Michelle Zervos, Director
Public Service Careers/Apprenticeships Marilyn Donham, Dean
Workforce Development Michelle Zervos, Director
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