Academic Departments

Business and Computer Technologies Division

Dean: Eva Samulski
Office Professional: Anette Preston
Divisional Advisor:  Sandro Tuccinardi

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Health Science Division

Dean: Valerie Greaves
Office Professional: Melinda Harrison
Divisional Counselor (Allied Health): Susan Travis

Department Department Chair
Allied Health (ALHD)

Kristina Sprague

Program Directors:
Dental Assistant: Kristina Sprague
Physical Therapist Assistant: Patricia Hill
Radiography: William Nelson
Surgical Technology: Elizabeth Connors

Health Science (HLTS)

Rene Stark

Nursing (NHSD)

Theresa Bucy

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Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences Division

Dean: Scott Britten
Office Professional: Aimee Smith

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Math, Sciences & Engineering Technology Division

Dean: Victor Vega
Office Professional: Toni Ellicott

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Advanced Technologies and Public Service Careers Division

Dean: Jimmie Baber
Office Professional: Debra Oliver
Divisional Advisor: Julie (Niki) Lee

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Economic Development and Community and Corporate Alliances Division

Vice-President: Michelle Mueller
Office Professional: Sheila Linford

Department Department Contact
Apprenticeships Marilyn Donham, Dean
Career Transitions Cheryl Harvey, Director
Events Conference Services Patrick Downey, Manager
Economic, Community and College Development Division Michelle Zervos, Interim Director
Personal Enrichment Michelle Zervos, Director
SBTDC Charles Penner, Regional Director
Workforce Development Michelle Zervos, Interim Director
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