Accelerated Business Programs

What is Accelerated Learning at WCC?

Accelerated learning is designed to cater to students who seek flexibility, have a demanding schedule or desire to advance their career. Most of the accelerated courses or programs can be completed in just one semester or within a few weeks!  Our accelerated business programs will provide you with the opportunity to earn your Business Certificate.  In our business courses, you’ll reduce the amount of time it will take to become a subject matter expert by jump starting your career. These courses and programs are offered online, in the evenings or during the weekend to meet your needs.


Fall Accelerated Learning Programs

Check back frequently for Fall 2020 accelerated programs.


Did You Know?

  • WCC is the #1 Community College in Michigan
  • You can get a quality education at an affordable price, starting at $95 per credit hour
  • We offer convenient class schedules to meet your needs including day, evening, weekend and online
  • WCC is the top transferring Community College to the University of Michigan