English and College Readiness

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The English & College Readiness department is so happy to meet you right where you are and help you get where you want to go!

Let us help you

  • The Writing Center instructors and tutors can help with any writing you’re doing for school, work, or any area of your life. Check out our Free Writing Guides for quick answers about formatting, grammar and punctuation.
  • In our courses and programs, you will develop
    • The skills and abilities you need to get the most out of college.
    • The skills and abilities you need to become a more effective professional.
  • In our writing classes, you will learn how to create documents designed for the specific audiences you need to reach. You’ll also practice the key moves of good research for school and work. You can even work on your novel or screenplay!
  • In our college readiness classes, you will develop the skills of success -- managing your time, planning and completing projects, dealing with complex readings and more.
  • In our literature classes, you will develop an eye for detail, patterns, and opportunities. You’ll professionalize, especially in how to agree and disagree productively and successfully with all kinds of folks, how to find the value in differing opinions and move forward together.
  • In our English as a Second Language classes, you will become even more effective at reading, writing and connecting in English.
  • In the WCC Poetry Club, you’ll network with others & find support for your creative work.
  • In our award-winning literary publications, The Big Windows Review and The Huron River Review, you’ll find great opportunities to publish your own original work.

No matter where you’re starting or where you want to go, the English & College Readiness Department at WCC can help! Reach out to our full-time faculty to learn more!


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