English and College Readiness

Welcome to the English/Writing and College Readiness Department at Washtenaw Community College. We’re here to engage students with academic reading and writing, literature, technical communications, journalism, creative writing, English as a Second language, as well as academic and career skills.  Our courses are available in the traditional face-to-face format as well as online and the foundational coursework we offer can help you get on track to your academic goals. English is a required course for many programs and degrees, both at WCC and other colleges and universities. Whether you’re here to complete a 2 year degree or certificate or plan to transfer to a 4 year school, we offer a variety of courses that will seamlessly transfer to your new school. Our Writing Center is the heart of the department! We encourage you to stop by, check out our literary magazines, talk to faculty and tutors, and find your "home" at WCC. 

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