Testing Center

students in testing center

Whether you are a student, faculty member, or guest, you can take advantage of testing services at WCC’s Testing Center.

The mission of the Testing Center is to provide the highest quality testing services for faculty, students, and guests. We strive for excellence by vigilantly proctoring exams and maintaining a quiet, comfortable, and efficient testing environment. We adhere to the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines.


Proctor services

If you need to take a test that requires supervision, you can do it at WCC. We offer affordable proctor services to non-WCC students.

Policies and guidelines

Come prepared for your test! Learn the requirements of the Testing Center, and get further guidance, whether you are a student or instructor. See our policies and guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you enroll, we ask you to take placement tests to determine your current writing, reading, and math levels, and in some cases, your English proficiency. We use these scores to help you choose the right classes.

Please review the Academic Levels and Course Placement information.

Most Remote Testing Sites charge a fee. If you have found a Remote site, please fill out and return this form

If you are a WCC student and would like to take your ACCUPLACER placement test through Examity (fee involved) from home and you meet the Technology Requirements found on this page: https://examity.com/accuplacer-students

Email testingcenter@wccnet.edu asking for an Examity ACCUPLACER voucher. Include your Name, WCC Student ID number, Address, Phone number, and DOB in the email.  Also include which test you need (Reading, Writing OR Both)